Gaming tables selection – why it is so important and how to benefit from your choice

Gaming tables – how to choose the right one for a convenient gameplay

If you ask casino players about the key game success factors, most probably they’ll tell you about strategies or a stroke of luck. While these factors are extremely important, there is one more game success attribute of no little interest – choosing the ‘right’ table. Many gamblers do not take gaming tables selection seriously, especially when they visit online casinos, but in fact, they reduce their chances to win.

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Why it is so important to choose the right table?

To find a ‘right’ gaming table the player has to analyze quite a few factors, such as betting limits, game rule variations, house edge, etc. While doing some simple steps you can consider and evaluate all available options and then choose the best (the most familiar, the most profitable, the least risky) option for you personally.

How to find a proper board game table

There is one basic rule for all the table games: before you enter the game, check maximum and minimum available bets on each table and make sure you can afford to spend a certain amount of money to play the game with higher betting limits. If you are a newbie, it is strongly recommended to choose a table with the lowest limit possible. Start with smaller bets – you may get smaller profits, but you’ll avoid critical losses.

And here’s how you should choose the table according to board game type.

Choosing ‘the right’ poker table

Poker has several different variations with different rules, so make sure you join the game you’re familiar with. Also, check the pot size – often bigger pot says that the players at the table are weaker, while lower pot says that the gamers at this table are experienced regulars.

Finding the best roulette table

While choosing between single zero (European) and double zero (American) roulette table, remember, that double zero adds 5.26% advantage to the house while single zero reduces the house edge to 1.35%.

Also, note that European roulette often offers two different sets – En Prison and La Partage – with different rules.

Choosing the ‘right’ blackjack table

In addition to the betting limits and different game variations, mentioned before, you should pay attention to the number of decks. Single-, double- or multi (4, 6, 8)-decks tables are available in many casinos while making choices between them remember: the house edge gets higher when the number of decks increases.

There are several different factors that contribute to online casino gaming success. Gaming tables selection is one of these important factors one shouldn’t underestimate.