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Welcome to the home page of archer Marty Thomas.

  Having started bow hunting at age 9 with a 40# Wing recurve, seems to have warped my mind to the simple power of traditional equipment. Even though I marvel at the speed and accuracy of the modern compound and the down range ability of my .338 ultra mag 99% of the time finds me picking up one of my Black Widow Recurves. There is something that links a man to his Viking ancestors when you draw a recurve and bare down on an animal, feeling the power build in the limbs as your back muscles tighten.


One thing I need everyone to know is I have never nor will I ever look down on anyone who chooses a more modern tool to hunt with. The way I look at it we are all just a bunch of big kids playing in the woods what ever toy brings you the most fun is the very one you should be using.











Please take a few minutes to browse through some of the pictures and videos of my hunts as well as my friends.